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The Economist says ‘vote Lib Dem’

No party passes with flying colours. But the closest is the Liberal Democrats. Brexit is the main task of the next government and they want membership of the single market and free movement. (Their second referendum would probably come to nothing, as most voters are reconciled to leaving the EU.) They are more honest than the Tories about the need to raise taxes for public services; and more sensible than Labour, spreading the burden rather than leaning only on high-earners. Unlike Labour they would reverse the Tories’ most regressive welfare cuts. They are on the right side of other issues: for devolution of power from London, reform of the voting system and the House of Lords, and regulation of markets for drugs and sex. [The Economist]

The Economist is more free market than (nearly all) Liberal Democrat members, so not all the party does receives its praise, nor will the party mind that. Even so, it’s an endorsement the party will welcome with only a week until polling day.