Read about the 1832 Great Reform Act which introduced major change to how Britain’s elections are run.


What if … the 1832 Great Reform Act hadn’t happened?

At one key stage the Great Reform Bill was passed by a majority of just one. What would have happened if the Bill had instead been defeated at that stage? … Read the full post »


How do the government’s political reforms measure up to the Great Reform Act?

Earlier this year I spoke in the National Liberal Club alongside the History of Parliament Trust’s Philip Salmon (and author of a very good book) about the historical context for the Coalition Government’s political reform program. Soon after becoming Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg promised “the most significant programmes of reform by a British government … Read the full post »


The forgotten liberal hero: Earl Grey

Charles Grey, second Earl Grey, Viscount Howick and Baron Grey, was the Prime Minister who oversaw the Great Reform Act of 1832, which overhauled the country’s parliamentary electoral system and was the culmination of two years of intense political crisis. … Read the full post »