Alistair Darling was Chancellor of the Exchequer during Gordon Brown’s stint as Prime Minister, 2007-10.


So was 2010 a good election to lose?

Enforced rest at the hands of the electorate is at best only a small silver lining to a larger political cloud. … Read the full post »


Vince Cable does gloom

The public’s attitude towards gloomy politicians is a curious one: only too happy to mock politicians who only talk up the positive but also frequently going off politicians who talk up the negatives. It happens across all parties, as we saw in the last Parliament where both Alistair Darling and George Osborne tried talking gloomily … Read the full post »


Alan Johnson – “an instinctive cutter”

Given how I’ve previously pointed out that Yes, ministers can disagree and the world doesn’t end, it would be wrong to shout “splits! splits!” at what is going on in the Labour Party over economic policy. The latest disagreements between leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson do however highlight just how much work … Read the full post »