Read about the controversial Conservative politician and former London Assembly member, Brian Coleman.


Even Boris Johnson is moved to criticise Brian Coleman’s latest expense claims

Even London Mayor Boris Johnson (a man not adverse to a generous claim or three for expenses) has been moved to criticise fellow Conservative Brian Coleman. … Read the full post »

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Meanwhile, in other news…

Let’s start with some updates on stories we’ve previously covered here on The Voice. Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman has backed down from his attempt to ban questions to him at London Fire Authority meetings. The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is to investigate the Daily Telegraph, following complaints from Tim Farron and others that … Read the full post »


Brian Coleman forced out of post in no-confidence vote

So reports Adam Bienkov:
Boris Johnson’s fire chief Brian Coleman has lost his position as Chairman of a National fire board after increasing concerns about his behaviour.
The LGA confirmed to me this morning that Brian is no longer Chairman of the National Organisation of Employers of Local Authority Fire & Rescue Services.
A spokesman said that Brian … Read the full post »


Brian Coleman runs up another huge taxi bill

One of the oddities about London Assembly  Member Brian Coleman’s record in running up huge expenses bills (e.g. in one year he managed to run up more taxi bills than all the other 24 Assembly member added together) is the incredibly soft line that Boris Johnson has taken on them.
For all Mayor Johnson’s talk about … Read the full post »