Herbert Henry Asquith (1852-1928) was Liberal Prime Minister from 1908-16. Usually known as H.H. Asquith, he was the last solo Liberal Prime Minster – David Lloyd George succeeded him but only at the head of a coalition government.


Liberal landslide: the 1906 election

If you were to ask me which politician of the 20th century was least likely to have delivered Good Morning leaflets, I think Attlee would have been near the top of the list. … Read the full post »


Lords reform 1911–2011

For the latest edition of the Journal of Liberal History, I wrote up a report of our fringe meeting held at the party’s spring conference on the subject of Lords reform. Here it is. Lords reform 1911–2011 Conference fringe meeting, 11 March 2011, with Lord Norton and Lord Marks; chair: Baroness Scott One hundred years … Read the full post »