Matthew Oakeshott became a Liberal Democrat peer in 2000 but resigned from the party in 2014 after his involvement in a failed plot to oust party leader Nick Clegg became public.


Lord Oakeshott attacks Barclays over bonsues

The Guardian reports: Barclays was tonight accused of making a mockery of attempts to call a truce with the government over “banker bashing” amid fresh expectations that its chief executive Bob Diamond would be awarded a bonus of at least £8m. After months of talking with the banks, the coalition is yet to announce a … Read the full post »


Labour gets a financial breathing space

As The Times reports: Labour has pulled itself back from the brink of bankruptcy by restructuring its loans and persuading the bulk of its backers to give the party until 2015 to repay the money. Party officials have been locked in frantic negotiations with more than a dozen businessmen who lent Labour £15 million in … Read the full post »