The Social Liberal Forum (SLF) is a Liberal Democrat linked pressure group promoting social liberalism. It was founded in 2009:

The Social Liberal Forum exists to nurture and demonstrate progressive liberal values, working with social liberals across all political parties and none.

We challenge current inward-looking, pessimistic narratives, by offering credible solutions to society’s problems. These are based on the founding Beveridge principles that the welfare state should provide a safety net beneath which none shall fall but all can rise.

We take action together and as individuals to increase social justice, to ensure that all citizens have access to the wealth, power and opportunity needed to maximise their talents to the full.

Above all, we emphasise freedom and fairness so that everyone, regardless of background, is free from conformity and social hardship.


Farron airbrushes out Clegg for Social Liberal Forum hustings

Sporting the same shirt and trousers outfit and similar close cropped hair styles, 57 year old Norman Lamb and the more youthful 45 year old Tim Farron – who being men, will of course not be described that way by the press – faced off in a hustings that saw more variety in their stock speeches … Read the full post »