Lib Dems set to win Parliamentary by-election (yes, really)

100% turnout expected, alternative vote being used and a Liberal Democrat set to win…

Yes, it’s the House of Lords election to elect a new Liberal Democrat hereditary peer to have voting rights following the sad death of Lord Avebury:

I suppose that, pretty much by definition, a by-election to replace an elected hereditary peer in the House of Lords is a dynastic affair….

But as what may be the world’s smallest electorate gathers to replace the late Lord Avebury as an elected hereditary Liberal Democrat peer, a clash of Liberal dynasties looms.

Three current Lib Dem hereditaries are entitled to vote: Lord Addington, the descendent of a Conservative MP from the 1880s; the Earl of Glasgow, the descendent of one of the Scottish Commissioners who negotiated the 1703 Union of the kingdoms of Scotland and England; and the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, who is directly descended from the Liberal Prime Minister H H Asquith…

I understand the main contenders for those three votes are John Francis Russell, 7th Earl Russell, the son of Lords icon Conrad Russell, grandson of Bertrand Russell and great-great-grandson of Lord John Russell … [who] has been a Lib Dem councillor in Lewisham and ran for the London Assembly.

Or there’s Viscount Thurso – John Thurso – who was defeated in his Caithness and Sutherland seat last May, in the SNP landslide; he’s a descendent of the wartime Liberal leader, Archie Sinclair, who served in Churchill’s wartime coalition. [BBC]

The winner will be announced on 19 April.


Excellent candidates, but it seems to me that it would be very useful for the physical future of the palace of Westminster if John Thurso, with his experience as chair of the House of Commons Commission were to be elected.


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