Play the Ed Miliband interview chocolate/drinking game

1 July 2011

Sit back.


And get ready to eat a bar of chocolate / have a drink each time he says “wrong” in this interview.

You may wish to cheer and applaud as well. Though obviously not at the same time as drinking or eating. That would be rude and messy.

(It is a mesmerisingly strange interview, though I wonder if what really went wrong was the pre-interview discussion with the BBC and he was expecting just one short clip to be used – hence the repeated use of the same phrases, rearranged slightly.)

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Chris Tozer
Chris Tozer

Reminds me of a tin of cubes in my possession. Entitled the Drinking Chocolate Game it was given away free by Cadbury's in the mid Seventies. They've got one in the V&A - LOL.


  1. Max Atkinson says:

    RT @markpack: New from me: Play the Ed Miliband interview chocolate/drinking game