Newspapers should review TV news

TV remote control
Newspaper circulation is certainly in sustained, long-term decline. Whether the political influence that newspapers have is in quite such a decline is another matter, not only because of the rise of their websites but also because of the way in which newspapers still set so much of the media’s agenda.

It’s best illustrated by the late night and early morning newspaper reviews so common on TV and radio. Twice a day they hand over the decision on what is important to the newspapers, reporting what a different medium has decided to prioritise instead.

Before newspapers went online, newspaper reviews served a really good purpose for viewers and listeners, providing a convenient summary of something that was otherwise hard to find out. Now, however, it’s so easy to look at different newspaper websites that the benefit is much reduced.

But you know what would be convenient? A round-up in the morning newspapers of what last night’s TV news lead stories were, because flicking across news websites is far, far easier than tracking what the lead stories are on the TV news bulletins. Given how often that varies between them, that would be a really handy, convenient summary.

It would also of course run completely against the media habit of seeing newspapers as the daily agenda setters whose choices need reporting. But habits don’t have to be permanent…