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The Federal Executive’s unconstitutional behaviour

The change to party election rules has been introduced in a very low-key way, with the only official communication from the party so far being a reference on page 22 of the ‘Reports to Conference’ booklet.
Norman Lamb

MP conference fringe league table 2014: Norman Lamb hits an all time high

22 September 2014 ,
Basically, if you're in Glasgow and Norman Lamb isn't in the room, the chances are you've got to the wrong venue by mistake.
The Liberal Democrats need to win the political argument over what the Tories have been stopped from doing.

Why the Liberal Democrats need to talk about the past

22 September 2014 ,
A recent YouGov poll has a very important finding about how voters view the Liberal Democrats.

Opinion poll scorecard: latest voting intention figures from each firm

21 September 2014
Here are the latest national voting intention figures from each of the main pollsters. To put the numbers into longer context, take a look at my database of polling figures going back to 1945, which is updated quarterly.
Cornish fishing boats

Lib Dems to launch Cornwall Assembly campaign

21 September 2014 , , ,
Lib Dems will gather in Bodmin next week to plan their campaign for new powers for Cornwall after the outcome of the Scotland independence vote.
Imperial College London. Photo courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cour_int%C3%A9rieure_Imperial_College_18-10-2004.jpeg - some rights reserved

It’s not often the Tory reaction to an economic success is hostility

News that four of the top six universities in the world are in England is a reminder of how tremendously successful our higher education sector is at persuading some of the most talented people around the world to buy university and post-graduate education from British outlets.
Nick Clegg at a conference podium. Image courtesy of the Liberal Democrats.

Nick Clegg gets it right on devolution

21 September 2014 , ,
Meaningful English devolution isn’t about which MPs get to vote on what in Westminster. It’s about what councillors, Mayors and London Assembly members get to decide in future that MPs currently control.
Devolution is about taking power away from here.

English devolution: it’s not about which MPs get to vote on what

20 September 2014 ,
Meaningful English devolution isn't about which MPs get to vote on what in Westminster. It's about what councillors get to decide in future that MPs currently control.
Dorothy Thornhill in new Watford CCTV control room

Dorothy Thornhill selected for Watford

Great news from Watford where Dorothy Thornhill, the directly elected Mayor with an amazing record of success both in office and in the ballot box, has been selected as the Lib Dem PPC.
Freedom from National Debt by Frank Newman

Freedom from (fear of) national debt – a short book by Frank Newman well worth a read

19 September 2014 , ,
Frank N. Newman has been both Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in the US and also was the first American to run a bank in China, so he has some good experience to call on in his slim book about why people - politicians especially - shouldn't be scared of national debt.