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The unelected man behind one of the most important Lib Dem achievements in government

28 July 2014 ,
He isn’t a minister. He’s not elected. He’s not even an unelected member of the House of Lords. But he’ll be able to look back on this Parliament as one where he made a much bigger contribution than many Liberal Democrat ministers.
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Are sleeping pills a way to raise turnout in elections?

28 July 2014 ,
Elections that occur after people have had more sleep result in higher turnout.
Daily Telegraph on coalition

The wisdom of political punditry

27 July 2014
David Cameron rules out forming a coalition government - so reported the Daily Telegraph just two days before Cameron offered to form a coalition government.
Watch and laugh: Clarke and Dawe - Australian media. An in-depth analysis. thumbnail

Watch and laugh: Clarke and Dawe – Australian media. An in-depth analysis.

26 July 2014 ,
More comedy genius from Australia’s Clarke and Dawe:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
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UKIP general election candidate stands down over electoral fraud claims

26 July 2014 , ,
Four months after being charged with electoral fraud involving nomination papers for local elections, UKIP's general election candidate for Yarmouth has resigned.
VIDEO: Remember how things stood in 2010? thumbnail

VIDEO: Remember how things stood in 2010?

25 July 2014
The economy has now recovered to above pre-crash levels, showing that the Liberal Democrats were right to go into government in 2010 to fix the economy mess
Postal ballot being posted

Two good ideas and one duff one from the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission's report into the May 2014 elections is fairly low-key, but in amongst the modest changes floated based on the lessons of this year are a couple of welcome details - and one misplaced idea.
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The ministry of data

22 July 2014
Unusually for a reshuffle move, Ed Vaizey’s new job is one for which he has plenty of relevant experience in government.
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What should a political speech try to achieve?

To say a politician's speech only contained what what the audience likes to hear isn’t always a compliment.
FT story on carbon budget

A welcome green victory for the Lib Dems

21 July 2014
Oborne backs down on cutting carbon targets