Lib Dems call for encryption by default

From Computer Weekly:

The UK needs to enforce encryption by default to protect citizens’ privacy, according to Liberal Democrat MPs.

Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert said it was essential to introduce encryption despite objections from the security services.

The idea is expected to feature in a draft Liberal Democrat Digital Bill of Rights, which is being drawn up before the next election…

Other proposals for the Digital Bill of Rights include legislation to make “revenge porn” a criminal offence. This would not mean a blanket ban on pornography, said Huppert: “We don’t want state censorship; that would clearly go too far. But we do need to protect people.”

The UK has a hit-and-miss approach to privacy protection, Huppert claimed…

The bill would legislate for broad principles, rather than technical details, according to Huppert.

He cited the example of England’s iconic “Great Charter of Liberties” of 1215AD. “Most of Magna Carta has been repealed,” he said, “but the broader principles have remained.”