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UK First time buyer mortgage payments as a percentage of mean disposable income. Source: Nationwide

Not such a house price bubble?

23 April 2014 ,
Outside London in particular, house prices don't look so bubble like after all - when you factor in people's ability to pay for them, which has been hugely increased by the low interest rates we've been seeing.
Jeremy Browne

Liberal Democrat Newswire 46 is out: how Jeremy Browne is copying Lembit Opik

Edition #46 of Liberal Democrat Newswire came out last week, including pieces looking at the Liberal Democrat prospects in May, how polling on the EU is turning out rather well for pro-Europeans and the unlikely choice of Lembit Opik as a role model by Jeremy Browne.
Braemar Avenue - road name spelt wrong

Ooops. Haringey spells road name wrong on its signs

22 April 2014 , ,
It's Braemar Avenue, Haringey, not Braemer Avenue. Another little triumph for attention to detail from #WorstCouncil
Haringey Council logo

“Frankly catastrophic” – High Court judge slams Haringey Council

21 April 2014 , ,
The High Court judge said: "It simply shouldn’t have happened that way. It was a frankly catastrophic situation."
Conservative Party logo

Conservative candidate tries to fake nomination paperwork

21 April 2014
Not sure it’s wholly wise of a Conservative Party agent to reveal this of one of their candidates: Candidate Two managed to ask a Thai lady, who is not even a UK citizen, let alone a registered voter, to sign her paper. Strangely, however, despite not being registered she had a roll number alongside her name […]

Great footage from the 1969 Islington North by-election

21 April 2014 ,
Some things are rather different about elections in North Islington now compared with 1969, but as this report from the 1969 Islington North by-election shows – not everything. Note in particular the early reference to immigration and housing. Despite the less than flattering portrayal of levels of support for the Conservative candidate, he secured a […]
New fence, Wall Court, Stroud Green Road

At last, a new fence in Stroud Green

Phew. After five months, numerous emails, a fair number of phone calls and a few appeals to Haringey's Chief Executive, the fence outside Wall Court on Stroud Green Road has finally been fully repaired.

Labour signs David Axelrod: what does it mean?

18 April 2014
ITV News report, featuring the unfortunate mistake on the Labour Party website and views from Mark Pack.
Watch and laugh: Clarke and Dawe - Government in NSW. A model of its kind thumbnail

Watch and laugh: Clarke and Dawe – Government in NSW. A model of its kind

18 April 2014 ,
More comedy genius from Australia’s Clarke and Dawe:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  

How social media is being used to map the conflict in Syria

18 April 2014
The Syria Conflict Mapping Project is an initiative launched by the [Carter] Center to examine the massive amounts of citizen-generated information related to the Syrian conflict that is available online.