Click on the graphic for a larger version which you can zoom in on of the Liberal Democrat achievements in coalition government 2010-15.

Liberal Democrat achievements in coalition government - infographic/poster, April 2015 edition

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An A3 pdf version of the Lib Dem achievements in government poster is available here.

Other resources

What the Lib Dems stopped

Take a look at 20 extreme Tory policies the Lib Dems blocked whilst in coalition government in 2010-15.

What do the Lib Dems believe?

There’s a companion infographic to this one, which looks at what the Lib Dems believe. You can view ‘What the Liberal Democrats believe’ here.

What The Hell…?

If you liked this infographic, you may well also like my site What The Hell Have The Lib Dems Done? which also documents what the Liberal Democrats achieved in government in 2010-15.

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  1. […] This apology is a major change of tack from the approach taken previously. The early release of a clip from Monday’s TV party political broadcast, five days ahead of it airing rather than the usual day before preview, highlights how the intention is to get the apology aired and debated ahead of conference – so as to leave space at conference to talk about the more positive things the party is doing in government. […]