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Scotsman correction. Photo from

That’s some newspaper correction

30 June 2013 ,
A stylish newspaper correction from The Scotsman.
Reuters Institute graph on paying for news

Brits paying for news online more than doubles in less than a year

24 June 2013
From the BBC: Consumers are becoming more willing to pay for online news, although most still choose not to, a study suggests. The percentage of UK-based web users who read paid-for content had more than doubled to 9% during the past 10 months, it said.
Moody keyboard. Photo courtesy of Andregc. Some rights reserved.

How the CIA is using robots developed for journalism to help it understand data

8 June 2013 , , ,
Very interesting slice of the future here – extending the existing software which produces automatic write-ups of sports matches for US news outlets into other fields: Narrative Science is somewhat known in journalism circles for its automated sports and finance articles, but in a fascinating profile last year, Steven Levy wrote about how the company […]
SLR camera. Photo courtesy of ilco. Some rights reserved

“Pure theft”: Sun’s Political Editor accuses Daily Mail

27 May 2013 , , ,
The Sun's Tom Newton Dunn accuses the Daily Mail of stealing photos, again.
A camel. Photo courtesy of subhadipin. Some rights reserved:

Now that’s a class headline, courtesy of French politics

10 April 2013 , ,
Not something you read every day: You can read the full story about the camel here.
Inside a computer. Source:

How computers are muscling in on writing news stories

4 April 2013
From Wired: Every 30 seconds or so, the algorithmic bull pen of Narrative Science, a 30-person company occupying a large room on the fringes of the Chicago Loop, extrudes a story whose very byline is a question of philosophical inquiry. The computer-written product could be a pennant-waving second-half update of a Big Ten basketball contest, […]

What does the PCC think of The Telegraph’s failure to update stories following its ruling?

You might have thought that with all the fuss about the moment over whether the newspaper industry can really be trusted to regulate its own affairs in a meaningful manner, not to mention all the embarrassing issues highlighted by the Leveson Report, that the newspaper industry would at least be being rather careful about its […]
Oven removed from home. From

Three years ago this month, something big happened in the Isle of Wight

30 March 2013 ,
British newspapers

Duff arguments to ignore over Leveson (UPDATED)

Here is a safe prediction: whatever the Leveson report recommends for British journalism, there will be an awful lot of duff arguments rolled out. Despite much of the debate being couched in how important it is for the press to tell the truth and how many difficult judgements there are to make, we’ll hear plenty [...]
British newspapers

The other story about press regulation: the consultation on the current rules

In amongst all the talk about Royal Charters, statutory underpinning and the like, there’s been an awful lot of talk about how a press regulator should be structured and almost nothing about what rules the regulator should enforce. Yet almost completely unnoticed, at the same time as all that debate, a public consultation is being […]