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What does the PCC think of The Telegraph’s failure to update stories following its ruling?

You might have thought that with all the fuss about the moment over whether the newspaper industry can really be trusted to regulate its own affairs in a meaningful manner, not to mention all the embarrassing issues highlighted by the Leveson Report, that the newspaper industry would at least be being rather careful about its […]
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Duff arguments to ignore over Leveson (UPDATED)

Here is a safe prediction: whatever the Leveson report recommends for British journalism, there will be an awful lot of duff arguments rolled out. Despite much of the debate being couched in how important it is for the press to tell the truth and how many difficult judgements there are to make, we’ll hear plenty [...]
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The other story about press regulation: the consultation on the current rules

In amongst all the talk about Royal Charters, statutory underpinning and the like, there’s been an awful lot of talk about how a press regulator should be structured and almost nothing about what rules the regulator should enforce. Yet almost completely unnoticed, at the same time as all that debate, a public consultation is being […]

Ouch, that’s some newspaper error

From the latest ruling of the Press Complaints Commission (with my emphasis): The Press Complaints Commission has upheld a complaint against the Alloa and Hillfoots Wee County News under Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Editors’ Code of Practice, after it published a front-page article about a local housing association which it said was involved in […]
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The most interesting sentence I’ve read about the Leveson report

It’s from Nick Clegg’s statement to Parliament after the publication of the Leveson report: Let us not forget that of the five Press Complaints Commission chairs, three were serving parliamentarians who took a party whip. Curious that a newspaper industry so busy telling us how politicians must not be let anywhere near their regulation is […]

A five point plan to reform the media post-Leveson

As investigative theatre goes, the Leveson Inquiry has been top-notch. As a route to embarrassing individuals for their past performance, it has excelled. As a way of unearthing previously secret information people, it has excelled. But as a route for reforming the media? Some things have already been achieved. The Press Complaints Commission has already [...]

The flaws in Ed Miliband’s media policy are no cause for rejoicing

It isn’t often that the members of one party should be worried about a proposed policy from a rival party’s leader collapsing under examination. However, David Elstein’s demolition of Ed Miliband’s proposal to limit ownership of newspapers by circulation should not provide more than a passing smile to Liberal Democrats, for it highlights the difficult of [...]

Press Complaints Commission toughens up correction rules for websites

As I’ve commented on before (such as here), there has often been a problem with the Press Complaints Commission upholding a complaint about a story but the news outlet’s website not being fully updated to reflect this. For example, the complained about story might continue to appear on a newspaper website without any indication in [...]

Press Complaints Commission upholds complaint over reporting of an MP’s expenses

Here’s the main part of the ruling against the East Kilbride News: The complaint was made by the MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, Michael McCann. The article related to his Parliamentary expenses, which had been published following the release of the figures by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). Mr McCann argued that [...]

Meanwhile, in other news…

Let’s start with some updates on stories we’ve previously covered here on The Voice. Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman has backed down from his attempt to ban questions to him at London Fire Authority meetings. The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is to investigate the Daily Telegraph, following complaints from Tim Farron and others that [...]