So why didn’t this teller just say, “Yes, I’m a Conservative”?

Rather odd behaviour by a Conservative teller in South West Surrey today who turned out to be very reluctant to admit they were telling on behalf of the Conservative Party, as the following video shows:

As an aside, one thing this incident does show is how perverse some Returning Officers are in still, well into the twenty-first century, not liking tellers to wear rosettes in party colours and showing party logos. Not only is there no law against it, but the Electoral Commission’s guidance has for many years said, “Tellers may … Display a coloured rosette displaying the name of the candidate and/or a registered party … It may carry a registered party description/emblem”. Wearing such clear rosettes actually performs a service to voters – because it helps make it clear that tellers are not official election staff. Far from discouraging the wearing of such rosettes, Returning Officers should be encouraging them to be worn.

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