Wikipedia: surprisingly old school web design

Having been using Wikipedia more than usual in the last few days, and even made a couple of minor edits (there’s now one less surplus space in the world, yay!), I’ve been struck by how old school it now feels.

There’s no ‘login with your Facebook or Twitter account’ option. Instead, it’s got a free-standing registration system, just like everyone used to have.

There are no social sharing links on the pages.

Nor even is there an easy way to tell your friends that you’ve just made some changes to a piece. Depending on who the person was, I can easily imagine clicking on a link in a tweet telling me that person X has just edited page Y on Wikipedia. But you just about never see such messages – in large part because it’s more than just a couple of clicks to send them.

So, special login, no sharing links and no spreading of your activities via social networks. All a bit old school – and perhaps a part-explanation for the tailing off of activity.


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