Government consults over ending 28 days pre-charge detention and control orders

Following on from the welcome news of the review into ending Labour’s policy of detaining children for immigration purposes, yesterday a wide-ranging review into anti-terrorism measures was announced. (It’s a review that I of course have rather an interest in.)

Liberty’s take on the review is:

Help us end 28 day detention

Pre-charge detention refers to the length of time you can be locked up and questioned before you face a charge. In that time you may be unaware of what you are accused of, and unable to challenge the evidence against you. The current period for terror suspects is 28 days – the longest pre-charge detention limit in the western world. To see how 28 days measures up internationally see our image here.

Today the Home Secretary announced the Government’s intention to renew the 28 day period in July. Parliamentarians will have to approve this by the 25th July and if the Government doesn’t win this vote in Parliament, the period reverts to 14 days. Two weeks should be long enough to gather enough evidence for a charge. In fact no-one has actually been held for more than 14 days in the UK since the previous Government dropped its proposals for 42 days back in 2008. This policy should not be allowed to persist for another six months – ask your MP to vote against it in July.

Politicians vote on pre-charge detention some time in the next month. TAKE ACTION and make your voice heard.

Help us end control orders

Control orders allow for electronic tagging, home curfew and a ban on communicating with others all on the basis of suspicions from the Home Secretary. Years of indefinite punishment without police interview, charge or trial is not only unfair, it is unsafe for our communities. Potentially dangerous terrorists should face trial and prison, not be left in their living rooms.

Show the Government that the unsafe and unfair control regime must end. TAKE ACTION and sign our petition today.


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