More party I.D. figures

A quick follow-up to my post with YouGov’s party I.D. figures as I’ve now got ComRes’s equivalent figures, these taken from its penultimate election poll:

Party I.D.
Labour 32.5% (YouGov), 39% (ComRes)
Conservatives 28.5% (YouGov), 35% (ComRes)
Lib Dem 12% (YouGov), 17% (ComRes)

Measuring underlying party I.D, as opposed to current voting intention, is a notoriously difficult process as people’s general political views expressed to pollsters often move closely in step with their voting intention.

Therefore the differences in numbers for each party between the two pollsters are not too surprising and it is more significant that the pattern is the same – Labour under-polled their party I.D. figure and the Liberal Democrats have by far the lowest figure.

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