LabourList says accurately quoting TheyWorkForYou = “blatant lies”

TheyWorkForYou says of John Leech, Lib Dem MP for Manchester Withington, “Voted strongly for laws to stop climate change” (source).

John Leech put out a leaflet saying he voted for climate change laws. Fair enough you might think. After all, that claim is backed up by a widely-respected independent website which bases its descriptions of MPs’ voting records directly on the official Hansard voting records.

But LabourList’s response?

To pick up on the leaflet:

In it he claims to have voted for “Climate Change Laws”

And to say of this claim (and one other in the leaflet) that this is a case of:

blatant lies

Given that the wording in the leaflet is directly and unambiguously verified by TheyWorkForYou, and indeed is simply repeating a conclusion they have reported, then if John Leech is blatantly lying, so is the TheyWorkForYou team.

Or that LabourList has, shall we say, gone a bit eccentric in deciding that TheyWorkForYou are a bunch of blatant liars.

Ironically, it’s only recently that a post was published on that site which hit on the head the problem with these sorts of attack posts that dissolve so quickly when examined:

My main concern is that, rather than make any attempt at restraint, many posts are a lot of spleen venting or Tory bashing without any new information or even, in many cases, a fully cohesive argument.

Quite. Describing something directly substantiated by TheyWorkForYou as a blatant lie shows a spectacular failure of judgement.

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