Good news on European candidate selection

Putney Lib Dems raffle ticket
Welcome news from the English Party on candidate selection this time: the plans are to carry out selections for the next European Parliament elections in 2016, so that all the candidates are in place by the end of that year.

That’s sensibly quick as for really good candidates who know how to use their time well, having over two years as a selected candidate will greatly increase their ability to assist the rebuilding of the party in those areas of the country that can very easily make the difference between a gain of a seat or not.

Likewise for smart local parties who know how to make good use of selected list candidates, that’s a good long period of time they can harvest those benefits.

Of course that all rather prompts the question of what training and support both candidates and local parties will get to ensure they are both at the top of the class rather than spending two years of sporadic drawing the winners of raffle and little else. But that’s for another time. This decision is good news.

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