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Visiting Kaikoura, New Zealand: amazing views from unlikely places

Tourists travelling around New Zealand mostly seem only to make a brief stop in Kaikoura, particularly for a little burst of whale watching or other maritime excursions.

However it is well worth taking the time to have a wander around. There are some fabulous views to be had even from the apparently unlikely itinerary which I took of heading to a new housing estate followed by a visit to the septic tank.

But of course, this is New Zealand. So a new housing estate gives views such as this:

View out from a new housting estate in Kaikoura

And the septic tank gives views such as this:

One response to “Visiting Kaikoura, New Zealand: amazing views from unlikely places”

  1. Sewage works with luverlie!! . .views. Do they have scented walkways and pot-pourie gardens? LoL
    Yours is a lot better than looking at automated cranes!!!

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