Essential campaigning tools: Dropbox

I ran a series in Liberal Democrat Newswire highlighting essential online tools for campaigners. Given their continuing relevance, here’s what I had to say about Dropbox in LDN #71.
A Dropbox screenshot
Dropbox is a simple, reliable and (until you get to using it on a large scale) free way of saving files securely online whilst being able to access them easily from all your different computer, tablet or smartphone devices.

This provides a double benefit. First, it’s a simple and safe way to make sure your key files are always backed up. They won’t be lost if a device is lost or broken. Even if you’ve got just the one device, that’s handy.

Second, it is also an easy way of sharing files with others. For example, if someone in the local team is artworking a Focus leaflet, they can save the file up in Dropbox. In one go that both keeps their work safe and also lets anyone they choose to see it too. That often works out much easier than emailing around attachments, especially when they are large and people get into confusion over different versions.

You are always in control of your data. You get to choose who else (if anyone) can see it, and you can set up one or more folders on your computer to automatically synchronise with Dropbox. That way you don’t even have to worry about copying files up to the internet. It is all done automatically for you.

Sign up for Dropbox here.

Looking for another useful online tool? Take a look at Buffer.


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