Daily Telegraph fails to report its own poll accurately – again

Crikey, there must be a curse on reports of YouGov polls.

After this week’s Guardian blunder (saying that a YouGov poll showed the Liberal Democrat rating falling when, err…, it hadn’t) The Guardian at least had the excuse that it wasn’t its own poll that it was reporting. Credit though for correcting it the following day.

So full marks in the irony department to the Daily Telegraph for managing to muck up another YouGov poll report – though this time it is their own poll they’ve got wrong!

They have a new YouGov poll out tomorrow. It shows the Liberal Democrats up by two points compared with the previous Daily Telegraph / YouGov poll (or one point compared with the previous YouGov poll in any publication).

So how have they reported it? “The Liberal Democrats have remained at the same level.”

Um, yes well. And it’s not as if it’s the first time they’ve made this sort of mistake in wrongly reporting their own figures to the detriment of the Liberal Democrats.

Good thing you can get all the latest polls reported accurately somewhere

UPDATE: And as if by magic (well, after the Lib Dem media operation got on the case with impressive speed – beating my own blog posting to spotting the story by a good few minutes) … the Daily Telegraph‘s report has been updated commendably swiftly by the newspaper.


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