Making a success of Liberal Democrat Action Days

Daisy Benson has played a key role in organising two recent Actions Days which have been very successful at getting members, especially new members, out campaigning. Here reproduced with her permission is a note she’s written on the lessons learnt – and the lessons other Lib Dems can also apply to organising future Action Days:

Lessons learned from leading two self-organised/crowdsourced ‪#‎libdemfightback‬ action days in Oldham and Brecon (online) attended by 100+ volunteers from around the country (offline) key ingredients:

1. Compelling reason to campaign e.g. by election.
2. Inspiring candidates people are willing to get off the sofa for.
3. Party staff and volunteers with a relaxed, ‘can do’ attitude to details – e.g. herding cats takes patience.
4. Regular promotion on social media beforehand from a variety of people.
5. Last and not least lots of selfies ☺.

Fellow liberals, the road back to power is long and winding. Our defeat last year was substantial and many members are feeling understandably pretty low. It’s no good sitting around and hoping. Our financial resources are at a low ebb. But there will be no free pots of gold or men/women riding white chargers to lead us there if we are going to do this thing we are just gonna have to do it ourselves!

If there is one thing we have over the other parties it’s the commitment and energy of our members supporters! We are not in it for the money – you can’t buy that kind of activist! #libdemfightback

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