7 candidates, 6 manifestos, 3 voters – latest on Parliamentary by-election the Lib Dems are going to win

Last month I wrote in Lib Dems set to win Parliamentary by-election (yes, really):

100% turnout expected, alternative vote being used and a Liberal Democrat set to win…

Yes, it’s the House of Lords election to elect a new Liberal Democrat hereditary peer to have voting rights following the sad death of Lord Avebury.

The candidates list has now closed, and there are seven runners. Which rather outnumbers the electorate, who are a full glorious three (the current Liberal Democrat hereditary peers).

Former MP John Thurso is one of those seven and, despite being one of the frontrunners, is the only one who has not submitted a manifesto. The others have all had the full luxury of 75 whole words in which to set out their case to be a member of our legislature until their death or reform.

Oh, and the voting system? The alternative vote.

The result is expected on 19 April. Even if Tower Hamlets Council is running the count, it is unlikely to be delayed.

Here are the manifestos from Liberal Democrat hereditary peerage candidates:

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