Judicial review application from Phil Woolas rejected by court

The courts have comprehensively rejected an attempt by Labour MP Phil Woolas to get a judicial review over the ruling that he broke the law in the May 2010 general election and is therefore barred from holding office:

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  1. When do we expect to hear whether the CPS will be prosecuting Woolas and other Labour activists for incitement to racial hatred. I know a file was sent from the Election Court to the CPS & there have been many formal complaints to the police as well?

    I saw the Politics Show coverage of this yesterday & what was striking was the refusal of the Labour Party to condemn the racism in the leaflets. The appalling Simon Danczuk was a real eye-opener wasn’t he? What a charming man.

    Every Labour Party worker who delivered these shameful leaflets is guilty of incitement too. Woolas didn’t fight this campaign alone, did he?

  2. I just love the opening statement :

    “1. Permission is hereby refused”

    that’s Judge-speak for “F*CK OFF”. Which I suspect is what His Honour meant to say…

  3. There were several further “F*ck offs” in there – I like the fact that the judge points out that (a) the Election Court is the High Court (“High Court judges sitting in their capacity as High Court judges”) and (b) the High Court isn’t subject to judicial review.

    Also, para 2 – basically “try the Court of Appeal, sunshine”

    And the far more comprehensive “f*ck” off in Para 3 – “there are probably more reasons why this application is completely wrong, but I can’t even be bothered thinking of them” when translated out of judge-speak.

    If Woolas tried a reapplication, then he’s in danger of being told he’s a vexatious litigant.

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