The Evening Standard is George Osborne’s Twitter account

Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been a masterclass in how a politician can build a huge direct audience which not only cuts out the media from a politician talking to voters but also repeatedly sets the agenda for that debilitated media too.

But direct audiences don’t just have to come with a twee bird logo. Enter stage left, George Osborne and the Evening Standard.

There’s much else to be said about the appointment, such as why so many¬†of those who were so strident that a Royal Chater would be unwarranted interference by politicians in newspaper freedom as so muted on seeing a serving politician directly running a newspaper.

But there’s also a lesson in here for politicians and would-be politicians at all levels: the advantages of having a direct audience, whether it’s a councillor with an effective email list, an MP with a newspaper or a President with a Twitter account.

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