A Brexit bounce for the Liberal Democrats?

I’m been promoted. Now I’m a strategist. So says The Economist:

Things are looking brighter for the Lib Dems. Last year no party campaigned to remain in the European Union so vehemently. And now, none is likely to benefit so much from the vote to Leave. The party’s noisy opposition to the government’s proposed “hard Brexit” has helped it to notch up some spectacular swings in council and parliamentary elections since the referendum…

Even before the EU referendum, strategists had talked of building a reliable “core vote” … Advertising the Lib Dems’ support for a “soft Brexit” is an obvious way to attract the 48% who voted to Remain…

The party’s position on Brexit has also helped it to win back protest voters, who abandoned the party when it got into bed with the Conservatives in 2010. Mark Pack, a Lib Dem strategist, notes that support for close relations with the EU is now the “anti-establishment position”.

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