Read about the 2017 general election, called by Prime Minister Theresa May. Her decision to call an early general election backfired badly with the Conservative Party losing its overall majority.


How did the Lib Dems do in the local elections? (LDN #112)

Liberal Democrat Newswire #112 came out last week, looking at the Lib Dem performance in the 2018 local elections. … Read the full post »


Does Twitter-based campaigning win votes? New evidence published

Welcome to the latest in my occasional series highlighting interesting findings from academic research. Today, “Does Campaigning on Social Media Make a Difference? Evidence from candidate use of Twitter during the 2015 and 2017 UK Elections” by Jonathan Bright, Scott A Hale, Bharath Ganesh, Andrew Bulovsky, Helen Margetts and Phil Howard. … Read the full post »