One new year resolution achieved (embarrassingly late)

Finally, belatedly, I’ve overcome inertia and joined the world of people who use reusable mugs when getting a takeaway coffee.

You help the environment, you save money and you get a burst of triumphant feeling from having finally changed a habit for the good. All such good reasons that it’s a reminder of just how powerful the inertial pull of habits can be, and how they make us throw up all sorts of thin arguments in their defence. No, you won’t get weird looks when you ask to use the mug you’ve brought with you. Yes, the collapsible mugs really do collapse and fit easily in a your bag or even a good-sized pocket.

So if you’ve not yet done so, join me in changing that habit. Here’s the collapsible mug I’m using. It, well, collapses. But only when you need it to.

Collapsible travel mug


4 responses to “One new year resolution achieved (embarrassingly late)”

  1. Whenever I have presented a reusable mug to a coffee seller in the UK, s/he has filled up a disposable mug, emptied it into my reusable mug, then thrown the disposable mug away.

    This does not happen in Canada.

  2. Out of stock on Amazon. If you are prepared to buy a mug carrying marketing the Costa Coffee mug (not collapsible) is only £3.

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