Two Conservative councillors quit party in Bromley

The News Shopper reports how a Conservative councillor has joined their deselected ward colleague in quitting the party:

Two members of the Orpington Conservative Association have resigned and will now run as Independent candidates in May’s local election…

Mrs Stevens was left fuming after the Orpington Conservative Association decided to not select her as a candidate for the Biggin Hill Ward in the upcoming election…

Cllr Benington, who has represented Biggin Hill as a Conservative councillor since 2006, said: “Melanie has been my ward colleague as a Councillor in Biggin Hill since 2014.

“She has been an excellent and extremely industrious councillor, totally committed to the ward and our residents.

“No member of the approval panel asked my, or the branch chairman’s opinion of Melanie as a councillor, before they decided to de-select her in January 2017, nor again in 2018.”

He told News Shopper his resignation was purely down to supporting Mrs Stevens.

This particularly caught my eye as I’ll be down that way in a couple of week to run a training session with the local Liberal Democrat party. If you’re in or within reasonable travel time of London and would like me to come and do a training session with your local party, do get in touch.

2 responses to “Two Conservative councillors quit party in Bromley”

  1. as the control freakery of the two old parties continues we shall see more of this.
    Just so long as our inner team remain committed to democratic control by members then we shall do well..

  2. Actually there were 3 resignations – Mrs Stevens’ husband Tim also left the Tory grouping and so there are 3 independents now sitting in Bromley Council chamber. The local tories are imploding

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