Campaign victory: Lib Dems help win key concession on citizen rights

A news release from Lib Dem HQ brings this welcome news:

The Liberal Democrats have forced a key concession from the government as the EU Withdrawal Bill makes its passage through the House of Lords.

Under pressure from peers the government stated that they will commit to upholding the rights won from our membership of the EU. This includes upholding key parts of existing rights such as the EU Working Time Directive.

Speaking last night in the Lords on behalf of the government, Lord Duncan of Springbank, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in both the Scotland Office and the Northern Ireland Office, declared that: “It is important that we recognise that the rights we have cannot be undone.

Following pressure from Lib Dem peer William Wallace, he confirmed: “The day after Brexit, our rulebook will be safe. The rights which we have will be incorporated and we will build on them as a foundation.”

William Wallace, Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for the Cabinet Office, said:

“This is a major concession by the government that is vital to maintaining the hard won rights of British citizens.

“I hope that the wider Tory party now row in behind their government ministers to ensure the no rights are lost in the face of Brexit.

“People must not have to worry about losing their basic rights, but under this government it has been far from clear that British people’s future is safe and secure.”

This is also rather timely as it illustrates a point I made in today’s Liberal Democrat Newswire about the importance of campaigning which is more than simply electioneering for votes on the next polling day. Read here about how that fits into the party’s proposed new strategy to be decided on this Sunday.

3 responses to “Campaign victory: Lib Dems help win key concession on citizen rights”

  1. The Minister says “The day after Brexit, our rulebook will be safe.” And the day after that? As I see it the brexiteers are now prepared to give concessions designed to ward off opposition to brexit in the knowledge that when they “take back control” (ie after any transition period) there will be freedom to make changes. While it may be thought that no parliamentary majority would be available to make such changes they may be forced by a perceived need to put a lone UK in a position to face world competition.

  2. A great achievement. Will our rights as Europeans also be fought for I wish to retain my EU citizenship along with many thousands more British.
    Will my grandson’s rights to live and work in the European Union be upheld and not limited to the country he now lives and works in.

  3. Can we protect our rights to live and work in EU countries? Our right to clean air? To voting in EU MPs? To safe food?

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