Liberal Party councillor joins Liberal Democrats in Peterborough

Apologies for betting a little slow in reporting the news of the switch of Bella Saltmarsh, Dogsthope ward, from the Liberal Party to the Liberal Democrats in Peterborough. That leaves one Liberal on the councillor, the current Mayor Chris Ash and, I believe, the local Liberal Party branch has recently been dissolved.

This growth in the Liberal Democrats adds to the gain made in the May local elections, when the then group of five added one by taking a seat off Labour.

4 responses to “Liberal Party councillor joins Liberal Democrats in Peterborough”

  1. Please call them the ‘Ukip backing Brexit supporting , little to do with liberalisim now party’.

  2. Yes, a biiiig welcome to Bella 🙂 and Mark, DM to Haringey organisor,Luke, ref Peterborough so he can SPREAD WORD in Haringey

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