Another 52:48 voting split

It’s almost like the readers of my Lib Dem Newswire Facebook page have a sense of humour:

LDN leaflets vs canvassing poll

A more serious point about is that a few years ago it became a bit fashionable to bash the party’s love of leafleting. Tales of new members or helpers being given a huge pile of leaflets and then abandoned were popular. What drove that was understandable. That isn’t a great way to treat people.

What shouldn’t be lost in reaction, though, is not only that – even in this highly digitised world – leaflets still work and many people like delivering them. They are also an easy way in to activism; much easier and more attractive for some than canvassing.

Leaflets, especially when added to coffee, have a key role to play.

10 responses to “Another 52:48 voting split”

  1. A clear and overwhelming majority !

    The will of the people must be obeyed !

    Hard leafletting it is !

    Onwards and upwards – to infinity and beyond !


  2. I’m holding out for a no leafleting scenario. Incidentally where are our leaders these days – even negative news is news !
    We need an issue that the political world can talk about endlessly.

  3. Leafleting with two or more other people generally feels like fun; and while most advice would be that prospective candidates should be knocking on doors rather than leafleting, it’s a harmless way of getting their faces known and creating the impression they belong and work hard, plus the useful conversations and problems spotted. Also of course in the early days, often the leaflets wouldn’t otherwise ever get delivered. The election period is another matter.

    As for the result, what we see here is anothe lumpen victory. Promises that leafleting would save the NHS have been shown up. Now the people can see what a mess leafleting without canvassing creates and the implications of abandoning the canvassing we’ve been doing since the 1970s become clear, we must have another vote.

  4. It’s good for you! We really should be promoting leafletting as a healthy lifestyle option – I reckon 200 doors equals 8,000 steps in terraced streets, almost your daily goal. Honestly, it’s quite invigorating for us couch potatoes plus you’ve done something worthwhile so feel great. A list tips on what to say to those people you inevitably do meet would be a soft intro to canvassing too.

  5. My first “act” as a newbie was leafleting in the Witney By-election, I was paired with a seasoned campaigner and had a very enjoyable time, this encouraged me to support a local candidate at County Council election time and stand as a “paper” candidate myself (funny considering my surname) – and leafleted, along with colleagues, about 90% of the (mostly Rural) ward – decided not to drop one into Chequers though…

  6. Going leafleting in a pair is recommended, there becomes a competition to beat each-other to the end of the street. Though one rule of leafleting that should be imposed is that if you see somebody at their door or in the front garden you should stop and chat, so that they see we are real people(it also gives a good excuse if you are not as fast as your partner)

  7. the volume of junk mail coming through the door these days, (privatised medical things, privatised care services, etc) means that our leaflet has to compete with some very fancy stuff to stand a chance of being looked at. I think we should go back to the free-newspaper format, – people obviously believe what they read in newspapers.!
    I hope we have the wrap-around of the Metro booked for every possible election date for the coming two years..

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