Delay Brexit, hold a public vote – the public’s choice on what happens next

New polling carried out by BMG indicates majority public support for delaying Brexit beyond 29th March if the choice is between that and exiting with no deal:
BMG poll findings on no deal Brexit versus delaying Brexit

As for who should get the final verdict on what happens – the public think it should be the public who get that say by having a vote:
BMG poll findings shows public want a vote on the terms of Brexit

As BMG concludes:

BMG’s exclusive poll for the Independent shows that there appears to be a desire for the Government to get a better deal, with the majority of the public in favour of delaying Brexit. However, most people do not think that Theresa May will be able to secure the changes she wants for her deal. With the possibility of a no deal Brexit drawing closer, there is no popular consensus regarding leaving the EU without a deal. Whilst nearly half of the public think a no deal Brexit will cause damage to the British economy, a substantial proportion of the country also think that the negative consequences of a no deal Brexit have been exaggerated by those who want to keep the UK in the EU. Moreover, more people agree than disagree that a no deal Brexit would be worth the negative consequences, although this is not a majority. That said, whatever happens with Theresa May’s deal and the possibility of a no deal Brexit, the majority of Brits support the UK public being given the final say on Brexit with another vote on the matter.

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