“Liar” – the word most commonly used by voters about Boris Johnson

Following the quartet of polls showing a majority of the public want Boris Johnson to resign over his breaking of COVID-19 lockdown rules, a new JL Partners poll shows what words people most associate with the Prime Minister:

An exclusive poll for The Times suggests that Johnson may have more difficulty winning over the public. The survey, conducted by J L Partners, co-founded by James Johnson, Theresa May’s former pollster, asked almost 2,000 people to give their view of the prime minister in a few words.

Comments from 72 per cent of respondents were negative, more than four times the proportion of positive responses (16 per cent). The most common word used was “liar”. [The Times]

More details are in the Twitter thread from the pollster James Johnson:

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One response to ““Liar” – the word most commonly used by voters about Boris Johnson”

  1. can we get the word cloud printed as a window poster, or better still on Correx, to put up wherever the conservative tree poster appears.

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