Fact Check factchecks the Fact Check quoters

Oops. Bit of, err…, over exuberance over on LabourList who ran the story:

Deficit caused by economic crisis, says Channel 4…
The Tories have spent most of the past year trying to establish a media narrative that says Labour are to blame for the deficit. Once they had achieved that, it was just a small step to argue that “austerity” was needed to fix problems “caused by Labour”. So it’s pleasing that Miliband’s defence of Labour’s economic record has been so swiftly vindicated by the respected Channel 4 factcheck.

There was one slight problem, as the update to the post reveals:

Channel 4 have given us a “fiction” rating for this article.

If you’re going to quote a fact checker, you need to fully check your facts first.

(A compliment is though due to LabourList for updating the post with Channel 4′s criticism, and linking to it. Not all of the journalists who look down on bloggers respond to criticisms like that of their own pieces by any means.)

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