So that’s why I have so many potholes to report

Time Out has the story:

According to a 2022 study conducted by the Bill Plant Driving School, the borough of Islington has more potholes in its roads than any other part of the UK. The survey discovered 3,804 potholes in 148 miles of road: a staggering 25.74 potholes per mile, 22 more than the national average.

The runner-up was the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees in West Yorkshire, which boasted a still-impressive 19.74 potholes per mile in comparison.

I better do some more pointing and reporting… and perhaps we better invite the pothole killer to Islington.

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One response to “So that’s why I have so many potholes to report”

  1. In Basildon we are now having to pay to have our green waste collected. I am strongly opposed to this. Many people have small garden and will put their waste in a black sack. Some of use have Council trees nearby and assist the council by keeping the area tidy by using our green bins. Why should we pay to look after our community ? We are supposed to be encouraging recycling ! This policy will only encourage the dumping of garden waste!

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