Woo! Victory is ours in the war on unusual website legal demands (Part 1)

Long-term readers may recall me previously highlighting the unusual website terms and conditions that myself and mainly other people have dug up, such as the local council website that said people were allowed to print off copies of its pages but could not then photocopy them. That ban on photocopying was removed in the end.

Resisting at first however, even after the local BBC radio station picked up on my blog post, was Shropshire County Council who were demanding prior written consent before anyone linked to their site. They even stuck by this as being necessary despite not being able to find any examples in their records of anyone ever having asked for or been given consent.

But rejoice, rejoice. That was 2010, the bad old days. Now it is 2011, the gleaming technological future – and on looking at their website, I see that the demand has been dropped from their website. Or rather, as I can now legally write their website.

But even more exciting than getting some sentences removed from a county council website… the reason I looked was because I have another piece of good news to bring. Another organisation’s website terms and conditions have folded in the war on unusual legal demands and will soon be changed. Come back tomorrow to find out who…

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