Lib Dem lawyers attack legal aid plans

Political Scrapbook this weekend has an open letter from Alistair Webster, the chair of the Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association, attacking plans for legal aid:

If the true aim is to leave a skeleton and third rate public legal system, the government should make that clear and we can judge it accordingly … I, for one, do not wish to be ashamed of the Party which I have supported since its foundation. This Bill is dire.

It’s a rather odd letter in some ways – both in its over-the-top rhetoric that is far more likely to put up the backs of the people it should be trying to convince than win them over, and also in the choice to give it to Political Scrapbook, again not the obvious choice of website (excellent though it is) to influence Liberal Democrats in government. You might have thought lawyers would be rather smarter at working out how to convince the people you need to get decision you want…

But regardless of that, it’s an important issue and the letter is in full here:



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