Do you understand warranty or software license information?

If so, please explain to me why such documents RANDOMLY START SHOUTING IN CAPITAL LETTERS before switching back to lower case before A BIT MORE SHOUTING JUST LIKE A BONKERS COMMENT ON A BLOG.

I mean, why? Oops, sorry. I meant, WHY?

I know it would be really, really mean of me to conclude that all those terribly clever lawyers just want to make their detailed work hard to read by SPRAYING ABOUT CAPITAL LETTERS AS IF THEY HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE ABOUT WHAT MAKES FOR SENSIBLE LAYOUT AND WHAT DOESN’T. So is there a reason?

I do hope there’s some exciting test case someone can quote about how a legal document has to have a certain minimum percentage of capital letters before it becomes legally binding.

Update: I wonder if the new Windows 7 packaging will include RANDOM CAPITAL LETTERS?


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