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Hooray, new fencing in place on Hornsey Road

Hornsey Road fencing by electricity substationAnother of my long-running sagas, measured sadly in years rather than weeks, has finally come to a conclusion.

There is a spot of regularly littered dead land just next to the electricity sub-station up by the long-running tyres saga. Separating the patch of land from the pavement was a metal fence with generously spaced struts, leaving plenty of space for litter to be blown off the pavements on to the land, to be thrown through it by passers-by and also (it was suggested to me) for street sweepers to knock litter on to it rather than sweeping it away properly.

The patch of land was meant to be looked after by cleaning contractors, but the regularity of their visits was far short of what was necessary given the speed with which litter built up.

It has taken a long, long time to get to this point, but now – at last – a very sensible solution has been put in place. Extra, more finely grained, fencing behind the original fence so that litter cannot easily pass through it any more.

Only one loose end to tidy-up – getting one final removal of accumulated litter from the now protected patch of land.

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