I have discovered the secret to being elected in Richmond

It’s very simple, and only requires one form. (Aside from nomination paperwork of course. You have to be in it to win it.)

It’s a deed poll form.

Change your name to Mr/Ms/Dr/Earl/Wing Commander/Duchess No Third Runway and you will be a shoo-in.

Such was certainly the message from the doorsteps in Richmond this morning when I was knocking on doors for Jane Dodds in the “Barbados” by-election.

(No, it’s not in Barbados. No, it doesn’t feature Barbados weather. No, it doesn’t feature a beach. No, thank goodness, it does not feature people wearing Barbados/Newcastle levels of clothing. Rather it features a Conservative councillor who went to Barbados, carried on claiming council expenses and has only now resigned.)

I’ve known Jane for many years, including – gasp! – outside of politics, and she would make an excellent councillor for an area that she clearly knows well. Always a good sign when a candidate can pick out individual doors that she particularly wants to call on in a street.

A good number of Lib Dems were helping out too this morning, including a huge posse who left by train just as I arrived. Pure coincidence Robin, Brian, Munira, Caroline, Jack… all assured me. Hmm.

More on the Barbados angle and how you can help Jane Dodds here.


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