This is how MPs should use their websites: Lynne Featherstone and Rock The House

Hornsey & Wood Green MP Lynne Featherstone has put up a very good post on her website, about the Rock The House competition. In it she says:

The excellent Rock the House competition has come round again, and four local bands have asked me to nominate them.

I can only send one band through to the final though and I need your help to decide who that should be.

Check out the links that the bands have sent to me, then vote on the poll below.

What’s so good about this?

  1. The local MP is using her own online audiences to promote four local bands – nice community work.
  2. Running an online poll neatly gets an MP out of  having to choose between different constituents, always tricky whether it is picking a band,  selecting a prize winning dog or judging the local vegetables 🙂
  3. It also gives the bands a good reason to promote her website to people they know – bringing people to a political website who would normally never think of visiting one. It’s but a small step in improving public engagement in politics, but all the small steps add up.

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