Someone has avoided one of my five mistakes…

During the week I blogged about five common mistakes Liberal Democrat campaigners make, one of which is failing to say thank you:

Two weeks after polling day this month, around half of the local parties I helped out during the campaign had not (so far) said ‘thank you’ to me. I’ll survive… but unless parties were specially picking me out to be excluded from thank you messages, that is a pretty grim picture of how we treat each other at times. Grim, but not surprising as overall as a party we’re often rather poor at saying ‘thank you’.

There have been some good initiatives recently, such as the Party Awards, and this is one of the reasons for me doing the Local Liberal Heroes series. But as with welcoming offers of help, there is much more that could and should be done.

So full credit to Enfield & Haringey candidate Dawn Barnes and her team, who this afternoon held a thank you party for her campaign, which was joined by both local MP Lynne Featherstone and London MEP Sarah Ludford:

The raffle even nearly scored perfect marks against my usual raffle criteria. Nearly but not quite…

One response to “Someone has avoided one of my five mistakes…”

  1. We will be holding a social event in June along these lines to say thank you. Perhaps it should have been sooner though?

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