The seven EU members who are less creditworthy than myself

Following Robert Peston’s comparison of what interest rate the Italian government is charged for borrowing money compared to what his own household would be charged (Italy turns out to be more creditworthy than the Pestons, but only just), I thought I would take a look to see how I compare.

Take that, then, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Spain. You are the seven EU members who are being charged a higher interest rate to borrow money long-term than I would be.


5 responses to “The seven EU members who are less creditworthy than myself”

  1. Good point. I've just borrowed 3x annual income fixed for 10 years at 3.99% – I think that has me more creditworthy than most of the EU.

    • No. Was speaking in entirely a personal capacity (Mark Pack – can you fix it so your blog doesn't pick up employer from FB when people post?). Have PMed you

    • That's the way FB comments work I'm afraid Martin – the idea being that it shows who people really are and thus encourages a higher quality of comment.

    • Yes, but I am lots of things, and when I'm commenting on your blog or on FB I am explicitly NOT doing so as an employee of GAD. If this can't be fixed I may have to avoid posting on your blog (I note that geenral FB postings are not highlighted as related to my work)

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