Political protest photos have a certain similarity the world over…

This one snapped in Rome could, were in not for the absence of pointing, grace many a Liberal Democrat leaflet (especially as the Italians have gone for an English-language slogan!). Brave organiser to have a plan that requires getting everyone lined up in the right order, mind you.

People lined up glumly looking at the camera is such a no-no in my book* that I really should set up a shortcut combo in my email program to automatically insert “and make sure it isn’t just a line of people staring glumly at the camera” as I say it so often in emails to colleagues.

This photo is one of the rare exceptions when a line-up of people makes for a decent idea for the photo (as does this one, albeit it is two ranks of people rather than one). For more tips on good action photos see my previous Campaign Corner on the subject.

* Literally so Рfor of course taking good action photos is covered in 101 Ways To Win An Election and for more on campaigning you can also sign up for the free Political Campaigning Masterclass by email.

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