Vicky Pryce’s own evidence contradicts her claims about Vince Cable

In amongst the fallout from the conviction today of Vicky Pryce has been an attempt by her to ensnare other Liberal Democrats, claiming that Vince Cable previously knew about Chris Huhne having got her to take his speeding points (see, for example, the BBC’s story). It’s a claim that both Vince Cable and his wife (also meant to have been told) have rejected.

However, what’s been little mentioned, is that the published record of the emails between Vicky Pryce and Isabel Oakeshott show that Vicky Pryce herself changed her account shortly after making this claim.

On 9 April 2011 she emailed Oakeshott saying that, “I had told Vince and Rachel about points before when the three of us were having supper about a month ago”.

Yet only 9 days later, she was saying something different to her – “I told Vince there is something hanging over him [Huhne]”. No mention of having already told him what that ‘something’ is, and indeed if she had already told him then this second comment doesn’t make sense as there was nothing that she could be coy about as Vince Cable supposedly already knew. The second comment only makes sense if he didn’t, i.e if the the first claim is not accurate.


6 responses to “Vicky Pryce’s own evidence contradicts her claims about Vince Cable”

  1. A court found her to be a liar. How can anyone believe ANYTHING else she has had to say?
    The more I hear about her the more I dislike her and the more inclined I am to feel sympathy for Chris, even though he did wrong too.

  2. If she had evidence that all those people had heard from her such as a reply to an email discussing it I assume that we would have been shown it.

  3. The only one people I am left feeling seriously sorry for are the kids. Messy marriage break ups often leave children messed up.

  4. “I had told Vince and [his wife] Rachel about points before when the
    three of us were having supper about a month ago – they were horrified
    at the time but VC has probably forgotten it by now. He was v tired that
    The complete email (above) goes further: I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on how it further exculpates Cable.  This second point was rather crucially, in my opinion,  left out of  two main BBC 1 bulletins , so a mass audience would be left with a different impression from Pryce. The jornalist/reporter was the usual suspect, James Landale, who was an Eton contemporary of both Cameron and Johnson.

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