Why a Labour MP is ashamed of his party

Austin Mitchell writes in today’s Independent about how a family from his constituency got deported. The whole story adds up to a damning indictment of the way Labour ministers run the system – acting slowing, turning up late and leaving early, leaving key documents untranslated from Urdu, and more.

Mitchell concludes:

It leaves a nasty taste. An out-of-control Immigration and Nationality Directorate is doing what it wants to get deportations up. The minister goes along, ratifies its decisions (he hardly ever rejects them), observes its deadlines and strings MPs along, pretending to listen while doing nothing. … Perhaps we’ll win enough National Fronters to compensate for the loss of the many liberals this has alienated. I don’t know. But I do know how I feel. Ashamed.

The full story is in The Independent.

Hat-tip: Duncan Borrowman

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