Boris Johnson’s record so far (updated)

Not only does Boris Johnson not seem that keen on doing the job of London Mayor, what with appointing a plethora of deputy Mayors, but he also seems to be getting into rather a habit of breaking his pre-election promises. I’ve previously blogged about fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square – before the election he said one thing, after the election he’s doing the opposite – and now I’ve noticed that the recent announcement about the MPA (Metropolitan Policing Authority) means there’s another promise he’s broken.

It’s been announced that Boris Johnson will take over as chair of the MPA in six months time. He could have taken over straight away, but decided not to. What’s the problem with that? Well, it flatly contradicts his manifesto promise: [UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments on Lib Dem Voice, my mistake as the legal change made in 2007 does not come into force until the autumn. That does make his promise to become MPA chair “as soon as I become Mayor” a rather careless choice of words – I guess his grasp of what the law allowed on this point was as good as mine 🙂 – but granted, that is a different point]

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