Boris Johnson: you shouldn’t have expected me to be good on details

You’re about to appear before a Parliamentary Select Committee. You’ve been in some controversy about who you spoke to and when. It’s an affair involving the police, Parliament and heavy media coverage.

Do you therefore:

(a) Prepare yourself to answer detailed questions about what you did and when, or
(b) Stuff all that, decide to turn up, wing it and moan afterwards if people complain you keep on changing the details of what you said?

If (b), congratulations – looks like you have what to takes to be Mayor of London, for as the Evening Standard reports:

Boris Johnson launched a furious F-word attack against a senior MP in a telephone call…

The two men clashed over the accuracy of evidence given by Mr Johnson over when he first spoke to Tory leader David Cameron about the arrest of shadow immigration minister Damian Green during a police leak inquiry…

The Mayor used the F-word 10 times, according to minutes of their conversation allegedly taken and later circulated to committee members.

Mr Johnson told him: “I f***ing warned you beforehand that I would not be very good on details.”

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